Round Top Shopping Guide

Round Top Shopping Guide

Happy (almost) weekend! Although really what is a weekend nowadays?

I recently took my second trip of the season out to Round Top, Texas, to shop the Round Top Antique Show. The loads of questions and dms in response to my instagram shopping stories showed me how many of you are overwhelmed, confused and fascinated by the world of round top shopping! I've written a guide on my own blog as well as a guide for Domino and although my go to spots haven't changed much I thought I'd create a new one quickly for those of you getting ready to shop and those of you who just are going quarantine stir crazy and want to shop (and lust!) from afar. I will try to add and edit as time allows. I'm just talking venues not vendors right now and if I missed something you think is a must please comment below! There's no way to cover everything.

ROUND TOP // what is it?

Round Top Antiques show is a 3 times a year antique show that takes place in Round Top, Texas, (and beyond) which is in between Houston and Austin. There's a small show in the winter and larger shows in the spring and fall. Vendors come from all over the world to sell and the show stretches something crazy like 26 miles!! The dates shift yearly so be sure to check out each venue's main website for the most up to date information. Another very confusing thing about Round Top is that a lot of these venues are not actually in "Round Top", I know, what the heck. Basically there are small Texas towns all in a line along a two lane road that are the homes to all these different venues and vendors. Luckily they are all so close to each other! Round Top Antique Show was the first (I think) and now here we have what everyone calls, Round Top.

ROUND TOP // what to bring

You will be on your feet ALL DAY so come prepared in comfy clothes that you can sweat in and feel fine getting a bit dusty. I always bring a sun hat to protect my not-as-young-anymore skin as well as sunscreen and plenty of water and snacks. A few additional musts are: a tape measure, checks or cash (some places have square or venmo now but it's always better to be prepared), and a portable phone charger because, social media.

ROUND TOP // the dates

Oh the confusion of the Round Top dates. This year more than ever the opening dates are jumbled, most likely because of covid (that's what I blame everything on). The reality : every venue (and there are 50+) have different opening dates and times so don't feel bad if you get confused! The dates that are most commonly shown online are typically the ones for Marburger. For other dates you will need to check specific venues or vendors online or on social media! Now onto some of my favorite venues.

Claire Zinnecker Design Round Top Map.jpg

BLUE HILLS // I haven't gone yet!

I haven't been here in a while so I don't have all the tips and tricks and couldn't go yet this year because it opens on the 17th. (I was actually escorted out by a sheriff when I tried to park my car, oops). But go check it out and let me know what you think.

MARKET HILL // it has AC

Market Hill is a new venue for me to explore because one of my favorite vendors, Amelia Tarbet, recently relocated here. This venue houses a mix of shops with new pieces and antiques and is well curated. Confession, I got lost in here multiple times, it's huge and full of beautiful distractions.


BADER RANCH // a mix of all good

I love this venue. It's Belgium meets France meets mid century meets boho (quite the eclectic mix of yumminess). The best of all worlds with one of a kind finds often at reasonable prices. Some of my favorite furniture pieces have been purchased here. Oh and did I mention good bathrooms and food? Win win.


MARBURGER // the 'fancy' show

Marburger seems the most common venue you see if you google anything about Round Top but other venues actually open up before this. These tents are filled with beautiful finds curated to perfection. If you want someone else to do the hunting or want to get inspired this is the place to go! It typically has more expensive prices and also there is a small fee for entry. The price is worth it for the bathrooms and food alone! The vendors are so knowledgeable. It's a great spot to find new shops and new trends.


THE COMPOUND // can't afford a lot but gosh it's good

This is a newer venue and man am I glad it's here. There's a great mix of new and old at this spot as well. You can purchase a v expensive sofa that costs more than I make in a month or get an affordable and beautiful textile for your best friend's birthday gift. There's something for everyone here! Definitely worth a good hour or so of shopping and some instagramming. Oh ps check the dates on this one too because I've been escorted out of here when I showed up before it opened as well....I'm sensing a theme.


EXCESS I & II // I could spend a full day here and not see everything

Some of my favorite vendor friends set up here. If you are completely overwhelmed by this post you can just go here and see everything you need to see. It's full of vendors from all over the world with any find you could ever want. It might require a bit more hunting and imagination than the other venues but if that's your jam, this is your place.

Whew! That's all for now, gotta get back to real life. I'll hopefully add more to this, or create another but hopefully this answers so many of the questions I've been getting.

*note most images were taken a few years ago so these exact items will not be there*


Photo credit // Wynn Myers

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