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Work Hard &
Be Nice To People


Work Hard &
Be Nice To People


Work Hard &
Be Nice To People


Work Hard &
Be Nice To People

Work Hard &
Be Nice To People

I recently took my second trip of the season out to Round Top, Texas, to shop the Round Top Antique Show. The loads of questions and dms in response to my instagram shopping stories showed me how many of you are overwhelmed, confused and fascinated by the world of round top shopping! I’ve written a guide on my own blog as well as a guide for Domino and although my go to spots haven’t changed much I thought I’d create a new one quickly for those of you getting ready to shop and those of you who just are going quarantine stir crazy and want to shop (and lust!) from afar. I will try to add and edit as time allows. I’m just talking venues not vendors right now and if I missed something you think is a must please comment below! There’s no way to cover everything.

round top shopping guide
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