Adventures in Nicaragua

Adventures in Nicaragua

Happy Wednesday! I’ve been doing quite a bit of traveling these past few weeks so I decided to FINALLY write about my trip to Nicaragua. It was one of the best trips I have ever taken and I can’t wait to go back. Definitely add it to your "to see" list. Here’s what we did on our trip and what I would have liked to try if I had had more time (and money!) I would love to hear from you if you have visited as well!!

The first night we arrived late in Managua and took a prearranged van to Granada. (I would highly recommend prearranged transportation wherever you can.) We stayed the night at Hotel Estrada so we could wake up bright and early for a day in Granada. If you want to spend a little more $ I would suggest Tribal Hotel. While in Granada you must: 1. Go to Soy Nica and buy a bag, her designs are amazing! 2. Get a juice at the Garden Café.

IMG_7135 2.jpg
IMG_7211 2.jpg

Granada had the most colorful buildings! I could not stop taking pictures!

IMG_7200 2.jpg

We didn’t have much time in Granada as we had a car pick us up at 4p to take us to a small boat, which transported us to our next spot, Isleta El Espino, a boutique hotel on a small island in Lake Nicaragua. You guys, it was magical. It was pretty much just the staff and us. We relaxed, had delicious food prepared for us, swam, took a private yoga class and watched them make cacao. If you want a little activity I would suggest arranging a day hike to Ometepe. We didn’t have time to do this but I wish we had! Oh AND you must buy some of their handmade textiles; they are one of a kind.

IMG_7285 2.jpg
I wanted to move to this island!

IMG_7257 2.jpg
The design and detail were breathtaking.

After two relaxing nights we had the boat take us back to the mainland and spent a day exploring with a prearranged driver. He was delightful! He took us to Laguna de Apoyo and we spent a few hours at the Laguna Beach Club. For $6.00 you can lay in the sun, paddle around in kayaks and meet the pet parrots!

IMG_7461 2.jpg

Next we went to the Massaya Volcano where we viewed the active volcano (smoky!) and then hiked around to take in the magnificent view. From there we explored the Massaya Market, bought some gifts to bring back home and a few snacks for us (dragon fruit and cacao chocolate, of course!)

IMG_7522 2.jpg
The volcano was unlike anything I have ever seen.

IMG_7551 2.jpg
We hiked to the top of the world!

Then we ventured to our last stop. Deep into the rainforest there is a small beach village called Maderas. It is near San Juan Del Sur but removed from the crowds and tourists. We stayed in a "Jungle Book" like cabin at Buena Vista Surf Club. What an incredible experience! Yoga in the mornings, delicious group breakfasts and dinners every day and even surf lessons if you want. I LEARNED TO SURF! I mean, I never thought I’d see the day. The guys were great instructors….and what a work out. Keep in mind that Buena Vista only takes cash and doesn't have wifi, so if you don’t want to be that removed from reality (for me it was such a delightful break!!) you can also stay up the road at Maderas Village. This hip spot is run by a great group of guys. We spent a lot of time getting to know them and I would love to stay there next time! A few things you have to do while here: 1) Get a massage right down the road with Dunia, sign up on the chalkboard because she fills up quickly. It was the best massage of my life! 2) Try out Nica Sail and Surf if you want a fun day trip on the water. 3) Walk to Marsella Beach and eat at the sketchy looking shack right at the beach entrance. Their lobster is delicious and so cheap!

IMG_7575 2.jpg
IMG_7754 2.jpg
This was a pretty perfect place to turn 29!


Whew, and that was our trip. I’m already ready to book again after writing this post, I miss the place and the people I met. I’m afraid next time I visit I might not come home!! Take a look below at the gallery for more photos and please comment and let me know if you have been and where you went!

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