Before I begin this post I wanted to talk a bit about product promotion. With popularity of social media, product promotion is everywhere and it's hard to determine which item is worth your money. I want you all to know that anytime I promote a product it is because I truly believe in it!

Now, let's talk about art. Art can be a daunting and often pricey step in the design process. It finishes out a space, adding the final layer with color, pattern and personality. There is nothing wrong with spending more on art that you love but sometimes it is nice to break that up with good quality, beautiful, affordable art, which is why I was so excited to learn about Print Club Boston. Their limited edition silk screens are unique, hand printed, and bursting with creativity. The best part? They are all reasonably priced allowing accessibility for everyone! They encourage creatives to connect, share their stories and they propose art swaps for some of their limited edition already sold out prints. I am thrilled to share this company with you all and invite you to not only check out their latest prints (like mine, Dropped Brushstrokes) but also get involved in the creative community they are developing.

Once I received my print I set out to find the perfect frame. Frames are another piece of the art process that is challenging for many. I searched for a long time until I finally stumbled on the etsy shop of Eliz Underhill (Good Gauche Frames). Her lovely, simple and customizable frames are exactly what I had envisioned to complete this art piece perfectly!

What are your favorite shops to find art? I would love to hear!

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