Changes + the CZD Brand

Changes + the CZD Brand

Almost two years after launching Claire Zinnecker Design I finally took the leap of faith and went out fully on my own! Three months into it and I have already experienced the full roller coaster of emotions that come with the joys of owning your own business in the creative world. After yet another day of insecurities plaguing my mind, I decided it was time to sit down and really figure out where I want Claire Zinnecker Design to go. Time for some mid-year resolutions!

Resolution 1 || BLOG MORE! I plan to blog once a week. I want my posts to encourage creative thinking, outside of clients and work.

Resolution 2 || GET INSPIRED! I want to do something creative or inspiring one time a week. Work is so rewarding, but pulling away from it and experiencing something new can be the best refresher.

Resolution 3 || DON'T COMPARE! This doesn't need much explanation. Bottom line, most of my down days are due to getting sucked into the world of social media comparison and that is not only unhealthy, it also isn't beneficial!

Resolution 4 || UPDATE PORTFOLIO! In case you haven't taken a look at my portfolio lately I've been updating with new projects! Staying on top of this isn't easy but it is worth it in the long run.

Resolution 5 || DREAM BIG! I'm not sure where CZD heading but I do know that figuring it out and not being afraid to try is what makes the creative life exciting. Here's to taking risks! :)

Finally, CZD is officially branded thanks to the talent of my dear friend Chelsea Fullerton of Go Forth Creative! I'm absolutely in love with every piece of the design, especially the customizable pattern. Each card is a blank design ready to be watercolored. That's one resolution checked off the list, hooray!

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