Dog Proof Ride

Dog Proof Ride

Real talk - My dogs are like my kids. They are my life and they take over EVERYTHING. My car is no exception so when I became a #drivenambassador I knew I needed to up my dog proofing game. I began the search to find all things dog friendly to protect my ride from my furry children.

You'd be surprised at all the requirements for a good car seat cover (trust me, I certainly was). It needs to be washable, durable, able to be tightly secured on the seats but also easy to move when the passengers are people. Then you have to factor in the doors of the car, and keeping the dogs contained, etc etc.

After a few trials and errors I found my favorite set of dog accessories. These are guaranteed to keep your car scratch and dirt free....close to it at least! My Lexus and I wouldn't survive without them.

Having all of these allows us to travel with ease and keeps my Lexus RX shiny and fresh. What are your favorite pet accessories for your car? I'd love to hear!!

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