4 Creative Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

4 Creative Ways to Decorate for the Holidays

The holiday season is in full swing, and if you’re anything like us, you may still be scrambling to gather a few last-minute gifts, trying to get the house ready to welcome guests, or perhaps even still be arranging festive décor throughout the home. Though we love all the traditions that this season brings, we are always on the hunt for ways to liven up our holiday game. When it comes to décor, we love pieces that are just the right amount of festive yet also feel like they can blend in with the rest of the home. We call it the art of subtle decorating. So on that note, we couldn’t help but share with you all a few ideas that have left us feeling inspired to shake things up and shift our holiday decorating ways.

1. Branch Out:

Excuse the corny dad joke, but this one is really branching out of our usual holiday décor scheme. We are always big fans of anything nature-inspired, so this whimsical, earthy touch that looks like it came straight out of the forest is a big win in our book! A foraged branch decked out in ornaments, tiny candles, and twinkle lights? Sign us up!

Image from Bess Piergrossi for June Home Supply.
Image from Emelie Sundberg.
2. Not Your Average Holiday Wreath:

Sure, "boughs of holly" has a nice ring to it, and there is no question that eucalyptus and pine will forever have a place in our hearts, but what is really catching our eye is the usage of non-traditional holiday foliage in a wreath that you can use long past the season. There is nothing not to love about a neutral color scheme, so the use of wheatgrass, dried botanicals, and dried citrus is making our ethereal-Christmas decoration dreams come true. We spy a fun DIY in our near future, how about you?

Image from Emelie Sundberg.
Image from Terrain.
3. Avant-Garde:

First of all, if you do not follow Erena Te Paa on Instagram, go hop on there and do so right now! She is a favorite follow of ours, and her creativity is unmatched. In particular, we always look forward to this time of year to see what version of a Christmas tree she has cooked up, and it never fails to disappoint. If you are up for an artful challenge, let these imaginative sculptural installations be an inspiration for all of us to think outside of the box!

Image from Erena Te Paa.
Image from Erena Te Paa.
4. Switch Up the Base:

The tree skirt has met its match! We thought tree baskets were cool, but we have been spotting even more innovative ideas that have us searching around the house for alternative Christmas tree bases. Blogger, Christine Higgs of For the Home’s usage of an old chicken coop filled with books… are you kidding?! So creative. Bess Piergrossi’s usage of vintage pottery as a tree vessel for Shoppe Amber Interiors is also leaving us so inspired. Now, don’t mind us as we head towards Craigslist and Etsy to hunt for chicken coops and antique earthenware vases.

Image from For the Home.
Image from Shoppe Amber Interiors. Photo by Bess Piergrossi.

We hope you all enjoy these innovative ideas as much as we do. Give us a shout if you happen to have any other clever holiday decorating projects, too. We would love to see it! Much love and happy holidays, friends!

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