Lexus + A West Texas Trip

Lexus + A West Texas Trip

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a delightful and restful Thanksgiving.

If you know me at all, you know that I am very hesitant to agree to sponsorships. I want to make sure that I continue to treat social media the way I always have, as a place to share my thoughts, my work, my life and things that I love.

When Lexus of Austin approached me to be one of their select #drivenambassadors I was flattered but hesitant. I wasn't sure how my design and travel world would mesh with the car world. After I met with Lexus of Austin/Lexus of Lakeway and learned how wonderful they were (and how amazing the cars were!) I agreed to become an ambassador. This is a decision I do not regret AT ALL. Not only are the design and functionality of the car up to my very picky standards, but they go above and beyond to make sure their clientele is satisfied with their service. I mean there is a coffee bar and a boutique to enjoy while you get your car cleaned and serviced, can't beat that!

This sponsorship came at the perfect time. Scott and I were planning our West Texas road trip and I was pleased that my Lexus (I named her Blanca) would be making the journey with us. Not only did she fit all our bags, the camping gear, the coolers AND the firewood Scott insisted we bring but we were able to still ride comfortably and have space for some souvenirs we of course had to bring home.

Our trip was partially planned with half of it left for spontaneous decisions. (I think road trips should always be approached this way and thankfully Scott agrees.) Blanca traveled with us to Marfa, White Sands, Guadalupe National Park, back to Marfa, Marathon and Big Bend! I was able to stay warm with my seat warmer and not overheat Scott, even bumpy roads felt smooth and we were able to conquer hills and winds with ease. Blanca definitely made the trip 100 times more enjoyable.

My dad, who is an avid car fanatic, instilled a love of cars in me at a young age. After trying out numerous cars I can confidently say that I have fallen in love with my Lexus RX 350 and would highly recommend it to anyone looking for a SUV that doesn't drive like a bus! Keep reading below to see some trip photos and stay tuned for more in depth posts on my trip to West Texas and Sayulita!!

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