My Perfect Studio

Things are changing at Red Door Home. My dear roommate, Chanel, is moving out and I am going to, for the very first time, live alone and have...a spare room. Does this mean I am officially a grownup? Yikes! So with the world at my fingertips (i.e. extra square footage in my teeny, tiny humble abode) my mind is whirling with the possibilities perfect studio! I would love a combination of vintage and new, a white canvas with pops of color. Though I can't dive in and purchase everything I have been coveting (Pinterest can be quite a temptation!), a girl can dream. Like what you see but the price a little too high? Keep following the blog and see how I create my perfect studio on a budget! DIY's, how-to's, good finds, and more to come!

claire zinnecker design || my perfect studio.gif

Cover Image || Emmas.blogg Round Up Image || 1. Sconce: Merchant No. 4 Long Wall Lamp, 2. Wall Art Pinterest, 3. Desk: Matter Spade Trestle Table, 4. Rug: Anthropologie Double Diamond Rug, 5. Stool: Fab Drafting Stool by Brick + Mortar, 6. Storage: Rose & Grey Antique Metal Library Drawers, 7. Paint: Benjamin Moore Frostine

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