One Eleven East

One Eleven East

Happy Tuesday! In light of Domino sharing my instagram photo of One Eleven East 's finished space I thought it was time I revisit my newest series, CZDesign Files, where I share completed design projects. I love going into more detail on these before and afters, the clients and the process. Today, the remodel of this gorgeous 1893 Hutto building. Scroll down for the process photos and keep reading below!


When I first entered the space it was dark, dirty and outfitted with a poor remodel but I immediately felt the magic in the bones of this old building. Step one was to remove everything existing. Carpet ripped up (original wood floors were hidden underneath!), the wood paneling was demoed and the shell started to take on new life.

Space planning revolved around flexibility. Since concrete had been poured in the back I wanted to keep all working rooms in this area. I couldn’t imagine the bar being positioned anywhere but in the lovely brick arch and attached to the catering kitchen with a pass-through. The thought of expansive new walls in this old brick space seemed too modern so I decided to face them in horizontal wood to resemble shiplap. The public restrooms and laundry were arranged across from the catering kitchen and separated with a hall. The lower level space planning was now complete.

Upstairs we raised the ceiling to allow for a second story. Arranging the needs up here was tricky because we wanted to maximize the natural light by capturing the top of the existing back windows in each suite as well as fit in two bathrooms (one with a shower). The furniture placement had to be considered as well since the ceiling is low on one wall in each of the suites. After playing with the puzzle pieces we finally found the perfect arrangement. The addition of skylights was a huge plus, giving even more natural light to these rooms. Trying to keep things inexpensive I had the contractors lay lumber from Home Depot and white wash the planks creating real wood flooring with a Scandinavian feel that compliments the original long leaf pine on the first floor.

After numerous white paint samplings we decided to go with Benjamin Moore Frostine AF-5. Who doesn't love a good white brick wall? We painted walls, ceiling and trim all the same. It enhances the natural light that floods into the large entrance windows and makes the room sparkle.

The floors at the front were ruined from a past flood so we decided to tile the entry instead. I wanted it to recall old storefronts with their lovely detailed tile entrances. Erika and I meticulously placed small grey "flowers" to create a fun subtle pattern. I'm so happy with the result.

The last big decision was the metal work on the stair and bar. Originally we were going to keep everything white but as things progressed I felt like we needed a bit of contrast to add interest and masculinity to the space so after some back and forth I decided to keep the steel its natural color. Travis Norman did an incredible job with the stair and bar build out. I love the architectural elements they add to the room.

Finally, furniture! I wanted it to be versatile, charming and budget friendly. Seating areas were positioned in each suite with a long marble vanity wall in one for wedding parties to primp. I lucked out with finding a large marble slab that gave us enough for both the bar and vanity counter. Thanks to my good friend Jeremy at Elite Granite & Marble he made sure the template fit both. The result was perfection.

Graphic design was by Nick Jones of Peacetime Propaganda. He was very patient with me and Erika (we can be a bit particular!) and created the perfect brand, logo and site for this space.

This project was a labor of love and I am so honored and thankful to have been a part of it. I'm excited to see all the events and weddings that will take place here and how each client will transform the space to reflect their own vision.

Take a look at the after photos below by Katie Jameson. You can find more on my portfolio. Make sure to head on over to One Eleven East for more information!

IMG_1141 (Katie Jameson's conflicted copy 2016-01-26)edit.jpg
IMG_1149 (Katie Jameson's conflicted copy 2016-01-26)edit.jpg
IMG_1190 (Katie Jameson's conflicted copy 2016-01-26)-2edit.jpg

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