Our Favorite Cottage-Inspired Wallpapers

Header Image: Heidi Caillier Design

If there is one thing that the past year and a half being cooped up indoors has taught us, it’s that time in nature is more important than ever. Nature’s elements are of course grounding, but they also have a way of bringing us back to our roots and a simpler way of living. With this easy-paced, nature-inspired lifestyle in mind, we can’t help but be so fond of the “Granny Chic” and “Cottagecore” resurgence happening in the interior design realm. I think we all have a dream of living on the outskirts, in the countryside with donkeys and goats - cough, cough - Claire is really doing life right! A refined English cottage aesthetic shall we say, loaded with rich textures, curated vintage, and the best cozy farmhouse feels. There is something so likable and humble about a home with eclectic layers of old and new.


An element of this whimsical interior aesthetic that we can’t seem to get enough of is the romantic botanical wallpapers that have been making a major comeback. These bold floral patterns are indeed a statement, but they still feel dainty, feminine, and delicate. They are a nod to the Victorian era but feel more up-to-date and refreshing in color palettes. We are noticing moody patterns in muted colors like green, blue, warm grays, golden neutrals, and soft pinks. These wallpapers make a whole room feel like a breath of fresh air out in the garden. It’s like bringing a slice of the woodland countryside inside, and we are here for it! Take a look at a few designers who are nailing the curated look of “Granny Chic” and scope out our top picks in floral wallpapers below!

Design by Jersey Ice Cream Co.
Design by Studio McGee.
Design by Landed Interiors & Homes.
Design by Heidi Caillier Design.
Design by Jessica Helgerson Interior Design.
1. Imogen Floral Wallpaper by A Street Prints , 2. Linnea Midnight Blue Wallpaper by Sandberg , 3. Nasturtium Wallpaper by Lake August , 4. Eucalyptus Wallpaper by Milton & King , 5. Wallpaper 41 by Antoinette Poisson , 6. Arbutus Wallpaper by Morris & Co. , 7. Chintz Constance Wallpaper by Ottoline , 8. Fruit Wallpaper by Morris & Co. , 9. Raspberry Bramble Wallpaper by Bradbury & Bradbury , 10. Pimpernel Wallpaper by Morris & Co. , 11. Dainty Leaves Wallpaper by Rylee + Cru , 12. Wild Pear Wallpaper by Hamilton Weston
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