Paint Your Present!

Paint Your Present!

I can't believe Christmas is already here! Once again I am frantic as I realize the holidays have snuck up on me. Rush or not, I seem to always make time for wrapping presents. I love finding any excuse for an artful DIY. This one is not only simple but also makes even the least artistic person feel like an painting pro! Best part is? You can use this technique for any occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc) and customize for each person. Change the colors and voila: a birthday present for your uncle or an anniversary present for your significant other!

Do you all DIY your wrapping? I'd love to hear! Comment below to share your favorite way to wrap presents and keep reading to learn the steps!




And there you have it! Your Christmas gifts will be wrapped in no time. Isn't it shocking how lovely such a simple gift wrap job can be? I hope you all enjoy your holidays!

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