Saving Ida, while saving the environment

Saving Ida, while saving the environment

Proudly partnered with the Propane Education & Research Council

When it came to making Ida a livable home, there were so many things I had to learn. The land Ida sits on was completely undeveloped which meant I had to put in power, a well, internet, a septic system and propane. Since we are not in city limits, I had to approach basic utilities differently than I had in Austin. Installing a propane tank became the replacement for a typical gas service setup, so like any project—I set about educating myself on all things propane.

The most exciting fact I learned is that propane is clean energy! It produces fewer greenhouse gas emissions than electricity and using propane appliances can help reduce your carbon footprint which is something we are trying to do in every aspect of our lives at Ida. Propane appliances are actually more energy efficient which means my bills for a larger house are less than they were before! It’s better for the environment because it’s non-toxic and won’t contaminate the soil or groundwater.

Propane is also reliable. During the 2021 Texas winter storm, our propane held fast and kept us warm. Even when there was an issue right before the storms blew in, our amazing propane company came out the same day and fixed the problem, ensuring the heat kept running. We are also on an app tracking system, which means whenever our propane tank gets low the company automatically comes out and refills, without me having to lift a finger to call them!

We are using propane to heat our water tank, dryer, stove and range. When compared to grid electricity, our propane-powered stove and range are efficient, more cost effective, reliable and emit roughly fewer CO2 emissions than electric kitchen appliances*. Someday it will also warm our pool and outdoor kitchen. It also can run a standby generator which so many of us are investing in after the snowpocalypse in Texas. I was nervous of the unknowns of propane when I first started looking into it since I was only familiar with natural gas, but now I’m a true believer in it. I am proud that we are doing our best to lessen our carbon footprint while also saving money (bonus!).

*Propane ranges, ovens and stoves emit approximately 30 percent fewer CO2 emissions than electric units.

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