HVAC with Trane

HVAC with Trane

When I found Ida, she had NEVER had a central air system. In the late 1800s homes were heated by fire and cooled by whatever breezes they could manage. They were built to breathe, to let air pass throughout as a natural cooling system. This is why doors had transoms above, operable windows to allow for breeze. Later on they covered all the ceilings in Ida with sheetrock, lowering them from 12 feet to about 9 or 10, which I'm assuming was in hopes of managing the heating and cooling better. This was most likely around the same time that they installed window units. Needless to say Ida was behind the times. Call me spoiled but I couldn't imagine spending another summer like this past one in Ida, drenched in sweat, and I don't want to freeze this winter!

I knew I wanted to work with a company who cared as much as I do about whole home comfort and quality. Trane Residential was the perfect partner for this! They care about the reliability of your HVAC system (heating and cooling), and take it a step further to focus on ensuring you have quality air.

Even though we sealed up the house as much as possible, these older homes are leaky. So I went for the Trane XV20i TruComfort Variable Speed system, because the multi-stage and advanced features provide precision control to limit temperate swings (and keep my energy costs down). Thankfully, I was able to get this installed quickly because it kept me cool all through the end of summer (and the hot Texas fall). And who says you can’t have the best of both worlds?! This system is not only an air conditioner, but it’s also a heat pump, too! So now that the weather has finally transitioned, I’m already equipped with a versatile system to warm me up on the chilly mornings.

I think even Ida is breathing a little easier knowing her indoor air is temperature controlled - protecting her and us throughout the year. Speaking of breathing easier… I have to take a moment to talk about indoor air quality, because aside from obvious reasons – home should always be your comfortable and healthy safe haven. Now, as I've grown older I've developed allergies in just about every season in Texas. So when I had the chance to add in an entirely new system, we went for the dynamic duo, of a Trane Hyperion Series Air Handler and Trane CleanEffects Whole-Home Air Cleaner to give me the best air quality experience. In fact, the air cleaner helps eliminate up to 99.98% of allergens and airborne particles that are in the air I breathe everyday inside at Ida.


There are so many ways to stay on top of your whole home climate and health, while also being cost conscious. Maybe now is not the right time for a new system replacement, but it’s always the right time to go about a seasonal service check-ups. Just give your local Trane Comfort Specialist a call, to make sure your heater is running properly before the winter months or your AC before the summer hits.

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