Sweet Slumber

Sweet Slumber

In this series I will present some choices we are often faced with when designing our spaces. The options out there are endless and it is difficult to decide on just ONE style or piece of furniture (and, happily, this dilemma is why we interior designers have a job!)

Pictured above is my simple bed (remember when I made this headboard?) with bedding I borrowed from a friend for the photoshoot. My personal bedding is simple and thin but with winter nearing I have decided to face the reality that my matelasse bed spread is not warm enough to get me through the few chilly Austin months. So now comes a decision I have been avoiding for months...what duvet coverlet should I purchase? What pillows? Should I keep it pure white, simple neutrals, or add some texture or a pop of color? Which one do you prefer? Look over the three styles below and leave a comment with your choice!

claire zinnecker design || the choice is yours || bed 1.gif
claire zinnecker design || the choice is yours || bed 2.gif
claire zinnecker design || the choice is yours || bed 3.gif

Cover Image || Claire Zinnecker for Camille Styles Round Up Image || 1. Bed of Neutrals : Mimi + Meg by Jarlath Mellett for Lonny, 2. Bed of Texture : Knit Blanket DIY by Martha Stewart, 3. Bed with a Pop of Color : Bright Bazaar Blog,

Sources: West Elm, Anthropologie, Toast, Sukan on Etsy

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