The New Floorplan

The New Floorplan

Happy Wednesday!

I’m bringing the blog back (or at least gonna seriously try to!) while also getting my YouTube channel started (check it out HERE)!

I still have all of your amazing questions to tackle but first I wanted to answer one I’ve gotten quite a few times : FLOORPLAN! Creating the new floorplan for Ida gave me quite a few new frown lines and a lot of headaches. I’m attaching the original floorplan so you can see the two and compare.


Here are a few quick thoughts on it (you can hear way more than you would ever want to if you click this link for my under construction home tour!)

  • I approached every room thinking about the view from each window. Maximizing the ones that were beautiful and lessening the ones that weren't.
  • I wanted to focus on the view to the river as much as possible so I moved the original bathroom to another room and created a master bath and a guest bath. That leaves room for large glass doors (if I can find some I can afford!) to connect the dining room to the future deck overlooking the river.
  • I drew and re-drew the master bath 1000000000000x. I could not find the perfect way to fit everything in that I needed (I was adamant that the toilet have it’s own separate room!)
  • I’m putting windows that I found at an antique store all along the back wall where the sink is so that I can stare out the window while I wash dishes.
  • One issue with the house is that there was no solid wall – each was always broken up with a window or door or both! So I had to move windows/doors/etc. in order to get some proper bed walls and sofa walls in the rooms.
  • There were not any proper closets in the house so I’m working on placing those in each room (or using a piece of furniture). I also had to create a space for a washer/dryer.
  • My living room also doubles as an additional guest bedroom. This means I will have to create a wall that is open but also can be closed. On the hunt for some good vintage doors (thinking glass?). My contractor is going crazy because I haven't made up my mind yet.
  • I opened up the kitchen to the dining room. Originally it was just a doorway. This allows for easy pass through and a lovely view into the kitchen!

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