Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

Happy Monday! I can't believe it's almost Christmas! If you are a procrastinator (like me) then this post will have arrived at the perfect time. I'm not much of a gift giver but I do love to wrap presents. Each one becomes its own mini DIY. My go to wrapping technique is so simple I felt like I had to share it with you all. Best part is? You can adjust it for any occasion (birthday, anniversary, etc). I just replace the greenery with anything I have around the house. A feather, a leaf, a flower, you name it! Keep reading to see how simple your Christmas can be! Comment below to share your favorite way to wrap presents.

step by step wrap it up.jpg



And there you have it! Your Christmas gifts will be wrapped in no time. Isn't it shocking how lovely such a simple gift wrap job can be? I hope you all enjoy your holidays!


All photos by Claire Zinnecker for Claire Zinnecker Design

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